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Your time is precious.

What are you doing with yours?

Bid farewell to chaos and overwhelm and embrace clarity, productivity, and spaciousness... In your schedule.


Why reclaim your time? Because it's not just about productivity; it's about reclaiming your essence, your joy, and your freedom. I'm here to help you reclaim every precious moment.


Ready to step off the hamster wheel?

I’m for you, if you’re…

Reclaim Your Week

Productivity & Focus Planner

Join the Program and Rediscover Your Confidence

Organise your week with the ultimate weekly planner. Stay on top of your schedule, tasks, and goals effortlessly. This beautifully designed 1-page planner helps you see your week at a glance, plan, prioritise, and achieve success based on your terms. 


Boost your productivity, manage your time effectively, and find balance and perspective in your busy life. Finally you can reclaim your week!

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Claim Your FREE 5-Day Weekly FOCUS
Time and Meal Planner

Productivity & Time Management Solutions I Offer

Say goodbye to procrastination and feeling overwhelmed.I offer personalised guidance and practical tools to help you navigate the complexities of modern day work and improve you your productivity, by intentionally focusing on what's important.

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Free Purposeful Productivity Co-Working Circles

Beat procrastination consistently. Come and get unstuck for 90 minutes - Focus, be productive, be accountable and connect with great people. This is effective (net)working.

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Free Time Audit Session

Don't know where all your time is going? Feeling unproductive? Let's fix that. Let me help you take back control of your schedule, look at your priorities and reclaim time to do the things that set you on fire!

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Reclaim Your Time Productivity Coaching

​Ditch the hustle, chaos and overwhelm and get focused and fired up. Regain control over your life, manage your priorities effectively, and reduce stress along the way.

Thank you, Lianne, for a truly productive and brilliant coaching session today. I have been spinning in circles trying to get my what, why and how for over a year. You, with ease, mapped out my complex system and created structures and new thinking that I need to shine my brilliance into the world. I am extremely grateful for your super skills and your brilliant mind. I look forward to our next power session! Go well!

Rachel Smith, Transformational Guide & Facilitator

Book a Discovery Call

Ready to reclaim your time, energy and focus? 

Book your free discovery call with me today and I'll work with you to create calm out of the chaos. Bid farewell to procrastination and uncertainty.


Through my guidance, you'll gain clarity, create an effective action plan, and develop the mindset and tools to boost your productivity.

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