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A corporate escapee
turned burnout coach.

About Me

Hello, I'm Lianne! My journey towards a fully transformed life has been full of plot twists and turns.


In the last 5 years, I've been retrenched, suffered extreme burnout, given birth to 2 children, suffered postpartum depression, lived through a pandemic, and been diagnosed with adult ADHD.


I had bought into a toxic narrative that tied my self-worth to productivity, which nearly killed me.

I had to confront some uncomfortable truths about myself and the way the world works. Something had to change.

I was confronted with a reality that I needed to fully see and take radical responsibility for the role I had played, even unknowingly. And so I did.

With the help of a coach and therapist, I worked through my productivity and confidence issues.

Lianne Byrne - The Burnout & Productivity Mentor

I learned valuable lessons as a woman, mother, partner, coach, and entrepreneur. I also uncovered parts of myself that I had long hidden out of fear of not being good enough. Imposter syndrome still lurked in the shadows, causing me to question my abilities and killing my confidence.

I delved back into my love of psychology and personal development, honed my coaching skills, and studied various ways of working, the role of the nervous system in our responses, and many mental health topics.

The funny thing was, I knew exactly what I was meant to be doing, I just needed the courage to do it.


I created systems that worked to alleviate uncertainty and make my work and family life easier. I started setting and achieving goals. Now, I work with clients through their own productivity issues and burnout symptoms. I share my insights through blog posts, training workshops, and other events. 

The framework I've developed from my experience now helps clients get to the other side of burnout with their sanity intact. It also allows them to set meaningful and achievable goals that they don't want to sabotage.  I help them create spaciousness in their lives to start dusting off their dreams they had shelved and start designing a life for themselves that they truly yearn for. 


As my work unfolds, I'll be sharing it here, on my Instagram account, Facebook Group, and blog. If you're looking to discuss your productivity challenges or need a safe space to land, let's talk.

Image by Cody Black

My unique journey through burnout and beyond has prepared me for the work I do today - a productivity and life design coach specialising in working with women to prevent or recover from burnout and reclaim their lives.

Fun facts about me

My "chosen" career was marketing

I studied marketing and have always been at the cusp of creativity, marketing and technology for the past 20 years. This has seen me have interesting jobs in retail, cryptocurrency, media & entertainment and finance. I'm a mixed bag really with highly regarded skills in communication, marketing, design, web design, advertising, digital and now AI.

My first love has always been personal development

I have always been incredibly fascinated with the human condition, and what makes people tick. Ultimately I was  trying to understand myself better. I saw myself as Clarisse Starling in Silence of the Lambs... Getting into the mind of the serial killer to understand underlying motivations. I even started my Psychology degree but never finished it.  Thanks ADHD brain!

My journey through burnout has seen me focus rather on studying coaching, because I love for the practical aspect of it and it's helped me so much on my journey. It allows me to work with my clients to explore the depths of their underlying beliefs and the  choices they make. I love how it allows my clients to create plans to move them through to a new and better reality . 

I sold everything and packed up my family to start travelling the world in 2023.

My mission for 2023 year is to simplify my life. In February we packed up and sold everything to fly to the Philippines from Cape Town. Here we are unplugging from the matrix, world schooling our kids and living a simple and joyful life. We are exploring South East Asia and its abundant cultures and sights. Follow @fam5freedomadventure for more.

My Mission

I have been outraged at the role of patriarchy and capitalism in the burnout of especially women.


I am now on a mission to dismantle this toxic way of working and help my clients disengage from these oppressive systems.

The root cause of many of my client's burnout is often traced back to patriarchy - the conditioning we receive as young girls, the inequality in the workplace and the invisible workload that women bear.


Women are expected to take on the bulk of the emotional labour at home, caring for their children, and elderly parents, and managing household chores. This invisible workload is often overlooked and undervalued, leading to women feeling overburdened and unappreciated.

This, coupled with the expectations and demands of the workplace, can take a toll on women's mental and physical health, leading to exhaustion, stress, and burnout. Women often find themselves feeling guilty for not being able to do it all, even when the odds are stacked against them.


Burnout & Productivity Coach

Dianne Granger

Lianne has changed my outlook on life, my inner self as well as relationships with family, friends, co-workers & men.  After going through an extremely trying time in my life I was lucky enough to have life coaching sessions with her which I am truly grateful for. From my first session with her, I feel I have changed for the better... from this timid people-pleaser to this assertive & confident woman! She helped me realise my value which has allowed me to step into my power. The tools she provided me with and her ongoing checking in with me & words of wisdom have been priceless. 

Helping dynamic but exhausted women clarify & simplify their busy lives so they don't burn out.

If you're feeling burnt out and questioning whether there's more to life, I have some good news for you: you have the ability to break free from this cycle and create a completely different life for yourself.

It all starts with putting yourself first and reclaiming your energy and passions.


I'm here to support you in creating a life that embodies spaciousness and freedom. A life where you can finally take a deep breath, gain fresh perspective, and pursue the dreams that ignite a fire within you.

Sound good to you? Let's go!

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