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Purposeful Productivity Co-Working Circle

  • Join our FREE community of solopreneurs, creatives, freelancers and anyone who wants to beat procrastination consistently.

  • Come and get unstuck for 90 minutes - Focus, be productive, be accountable and connect with great people. This is effective networking.

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment

Why Join Us?

Being a work-from-home entrepreneur or employee can feel quite lonely and isolating. That's why I created this circle. It provides other benefits too.


Attend, work and share what you're working on, getting feedback, accountability and encouragement.


Learn productivity methods and tips to improve your planning, time management or beat procrastination.


Connect with other entrepreneurs to share ideas, network and enjoy coming together to curb isolation.


By attending regularly you learn and put into practice methods to build consistent habits and pulverise procrastination.

How Does It Work?

Sign up via the quick form and you'll be emailed a Zoom link to attend a 90-minute online meetup.

On the call you'll learn ONE productivity tip and ONE online business tip.

Then you'll work on your task you've been procrastinating on (this could be a blog post, social media calendar, proposal, report... whatever!) for two sprints of 25 minutes and present back briefly to the group what you worked on.


This helps provide a sense of achievement, accountability as well as helps you connect and share ideas with others.

What others are saying

Working with Lianne Byrne has shifted my whole approach to my work. I'm more focused, have more time and get more stuff done. 


I can highly recommend popping into the Purposeful Productivity  Co-Working Circle sessions if you're working alone at home and looking for some company to hold you accountable and get things done! 




~ Carryn Ortlepp

Owner, The Great Presentation Company

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"I truly believe that a more collaborative way of working helps us to connect more with our feminine energy. This is where creativity is unleashed and connections and community are made."

- Lianne Byrne

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