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Reclaim Your Week!

Organise your week with this useful weekly planner - great for ADHD brains.

My 7-Day ADHD Focus Planner is designed to help you stay organised, productive, and focused. Includes:

  • Goals and To-Do's Page: Clearly outline your goals and tasks for the week. Prioritise activities based on what matters most to you.

  • Time-blocking Page: Plan your days by allocating specific time slots for each task. This method helps in managing time effectively and maintaining a structured routine. A day is divided into 4 key blocks.

  • Notes Page: Capture important thoughts, ideas, and reflections. This space is perfect for jotting down quick notes to keep your mind clutter-free.


This planner is an essential tool for managing your ADHD brain and enhancing your productivity.


Finally, you can reclaim your week and your sanity too!


Download it, print it off and use it for a month. Consistency is key. 

Weekly ADHD Focus Planner

Reclaim Your Week ADHD Focus Planner
Get the ADHD Planner

I will never sell your details nor send you countless spammy emails. 

What you get...


Stop reacting, start being strategic


Time block what's important

Handy 3-pager to carry anywhere

Make doodles & notes. Perfect for ADHD creativity.

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