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Reclaim Your Energy

Helping you design a life you don't want to escape from.

The world of work and productivity is not aligned to women, which causes burnout.
So much so that they are questioning whether it's even worth it.

I empower burnt-out women in midlife to reclaim their inner spark by clarifying & simplifying their busy lives. Say goodbye to overwhelm.

Women today are burning out at alarming rates as they navigate the complexities of work, family, and societal expectations with limited resources and support.

Lianne Byrne

My burnout was a gift and it changed everything.

I once felt like you're probably feeling now.  

4 years ago I was a burnt-out mother of 3 trying to juggle everything. I felt stuck in suburbia, massively unfulfilled in my career and overwhelmed by the crushing demands of life and a world gone mad with the pandemic. 

Now I'm travelling South East Asia with my family, world schooling my kids and working remotely.

My burnout was a gift because I was forced to re-evaluate everything in my life, make some tough decisions, and move forward clearly and with purpose.  

I want the same for you.

Find More Energy

Free Burnout Consultation

When you're feeling chronically exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally, it's time to take stock of your life. Your well-being is too important to sacrifice for the sake of capitalist demands. It's essential to set boundaries. A free 45-minute call offers guidance on evaluating time spent and provides practical solutions to address pressing time management issues.

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Ready To

Reclaim Your Energy?

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Take the first step towards reclaiming your energy & power and schedule a complimentary discovery call with me today.

Book Your Free Call Now

Your email address is safe with me. I never share your information with anyone.

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My Approach To Burnout

Offering solace and sanctuary and guiding you back to balance and brilliance.

By the end of our first session:

  • Find immediate relief from the weight of burnout. Together, we'll explore strategies tailored to your unique experience, providing you with tools to navigate through stress and overwhelm.

  • Identify areas where you can reclaim your time and energy, setting boundaries that honour your well-being and priorities.

  • Receive practical support and guidance to help you regain a sense of balance and control. 

2 weeks after our session:

  • You'll start noticing a tangible shift. With focused attention and support, you'll experience a reduction in burnout symptoms and a newfound sense of resilience.

  • You'll develop sustainable self-care habits that support your well-being and allow you to navigate challenges with greater ease.

  • Together, we'll reassess your journey and make any necessary adjustments to ensure your path forward is realistic and aligned with your goals and values.

The Benefits of Burnout Coaching.

in Cape Town

From Burnout To Brilliant

Embark on a transformative journey toward reclaiming your brilliance and living a life filled with balance, fulfillment, and meaningful results. Start your journey toward healing and rejuvenation with burnout coaching today.

Find Immediate Relief From Burnout

A Renewed Sense Of Balance


Create Sustainable Habits & Rituals

Practical Strategies To Manage Stress

Build Resilience & Inner Strength

Receive Support & Accountability

Reclaim Your Life From Burnout

Why work with me?

My approach is rooted in my own burnout experience, understanding the complexities of midlife and menopause and the relentless demands placed on women in today's world.


I believe in honouring your body's natural rhythms and dismantling the toxic narratives that tie self-worth to productivity.

I value freedom, family, truth and personal growth. 


My unique experience of 25 years in marketing & business, tech savviness, and a deep understanding of human nature, I offer more than just coaching—I offer a tailored, yet holistic framework for reclaiming your life on your own terms. 

“Lianne’s Reclaim & Redesign Your Life - Planning Session was so practical and long overdue. Life is overwhelming, and I never find the time to get to these types of activities. Lianne's strength is her big-picture view of the world. She was able to see things far clearer than me. I loved that I had a focused, safe space to unload my ideas and together we were able to knit my plan together. I feel so much lighter and in control. I'm excited about my upcoming 12 months.”

Jo van Zyl

Frequently Asked Questions About
Burnout Coaching in Cape Town

What is burnout coaching?

Burnout coaching is a specialised form of coaching designed to support individuals who are experiencing burnout, typically caused by chronic workplace stress or overwhelming life circumstances. A burnout coach provides guidance, tools, and strategies to help clients navigate through burnout, regain balance, and cultivate sustainable well-being. It's like having a dedicated ally who understands the unique challenges of burnout and empowers you to reclaim your energy, time, and joy.

What are the benefits of working with a burnout coach in Cape Town?

Working with a burnout coach offers a range of benefits tailored to address the specific needs of individuals struggling with burnout. Some key benefits include: 1. Holistic Support: Burnout coaches provide holistic support, addressing physical, emotional, and mental well-being to help clients regain balance in all areas of life. 2. Personalised Strategies: Coaches work with clients to develop personalised strategies and action plans to manage stress, prioritise self-care, and prevent burnout recurrence. 3. Accountability: Coaches offer accountability and encouragement, helping clients stay on track with their goals and make sustainable lifestyle changes. 4. Skill-Building: Clients learn valuable skills such as boundary-setting, stress management techniques, and resilience-building practices to better cope with stressors and challenges. 5. Empowerment: Through coaching, clients gain a deeper understanding of their own needs, strengths, and values, empowering them to make conscious choices that support their well-being and fulfillment.

How much does burnout coaching cost?

My 1-to-1 burnout coaching sessions are £200 for a package of 4 sessions. Sessions are personalised and tailored to your specific situation. You get access to me via email and Whatsapp between sessions. I provide the expertise, guidance and support needed for you to regain your energy, find clarity and simplify your life, so you can breathe easier. I will be a soft spot for you to land, provide you sanctuary as you reclaim your energy and essence.

How does the burnout coaching discovery call work?

We will start off with a no-charge 45-minute session to determine whether we are a good fit together. This allows me to better understand your current challenges around burnout and ways we can start working together. I also get to understand which hidden challenges/obstacles could sabotage your efforts to set better boundaries or where your self-care needs an overhaul. You’ll leave the session feeling heard and excited about working together. Once you have decided to sign up with me, you’ll receive a personalised welcome pack with a better idea of who I am and what the process is that I will be taking you through. Throughout the coaching period, I'll be available for additional support via email or other agreed-upon channels. However, the scheduled sessions provide dedicated time for focused discussions and guidance. This timeline allows for implementation and assessment of the strategies we develop together, ensuring effective collaboration, support, and accountability to achieve your personal and professional goals.

How can burnout coaching help with overwhelm & exhaustion?

Burnout coaching addresses overwhelm and exhaustion by providing targeted support and tools to help individuals regain control and find balance. Here's how it can help: 1. Stress Management: Coaches teach effective stress management techniques to help clients reduce overwhelm and regain a sense of calm amidst chaos. 2. Boundaries: Learning to set and maintain healthy boundaries is crucial in preventing overwhelm. Coaches help clients establish boundaries to protect their time, energy, and well-being. 3. Self-Care Practices: Burnout coaching emphasizes the importance of self-care and assists clients in identifying and implementing sustainable self-care practices that nourish and replenish them. Prioritization: Coaches work with clients to identify priorities and streamline commitments, helping them focus on what truly matters and reduce the feeling of being stretched too thin. 4. Resilience Building: Through coaching, clients develop resilience skills to bounce back from setbacks and challenges, empowering them to navigate through exhaustion with greater ease and strength.

Are our coaching calls confidential?

Yes, our coaching calls are completely confidential. As a coach, I am bound by professional confidentiality and privacy standards. Any information shared during our coaching sessions is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party without your explicit permission. Our conversations are protected by the same confidentiality guidelines as any other professional-client relationship. You can feel safe sharing your thoughts, feelings, and experiences with me, knowing that your privacy will be respected.

Burnout Coach in Cape Town

Although my head office is  based in Cape Town, South Africa, I am currently travelling around South East Asia for the time being. However, my coaching calls are all online and I have clients across the globe. I work via Zoom or Google Meet.  I  also offer the option of Whatsapp support as needed between sessions.

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