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How to conduct your own personal annual goals review

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It’s that time again. We’re shaking our heads in disbelief as to how quickly 2022 has flown by, and 2023, in all its freshness, is looming.

How are your goals shaping up? You know... the ones you set at the beginning of the year? Remember them?

Don't worry if you've buried your goals under a heap of other things. Now is the perfect time to dust them off.

As we freewheel into December, this is the time to take stock and assess the progress we made and the places we fell short this year. Review how far you’ve come and what needs to change.

Use December as a reflective time to recharge you for the next 3-6 months and the following year ahead.

The following exercise is a positive way to reframe and reassess, but mustn't be used in a way to beat yourself up. That’s not the point.

This exercise is meant to keep you focused.

So here are a few pointers to remember when doing this exercise. Remember, take about 30-60 mins over the next week to look at this important aspect of your year.

What is a personal Annual Review?

An annual review is a short planning process where you review your previous three months, evaluate your goal progress, and create a concrete plan of attack to finish each goal.

You're now approaching the end of the year. Use this time to readjust, recommit and recalibrate where you are.

Why Plan Annually?

Businesses plan consistently and in advance. They then conduct regular reviews as to whether they are on track or not. It should be no different from your personal goals.

Goals don't get set in January and then forgotten. Your personal goals are living entities, that need to be checked on, reviewed and assessed regularly. Even changed when necessary. because nothing is static, and that is fine.

The most important part about an annual review of goals Is that it also provides an opportunity to review and improve.

5 things to remember when doing a personal annual review

1. Revisit your Annual Goals

Every quarter provides an opportunity to see whether the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year have changed or not. If they have, update your upcoming (annual) and quarterly goals.

2. Celebrate big WINS

Make a list of all that went well for you this year. Also, make a note of what didn't and what lessons you learnt from what went wrong.

Which goals should now carry over into the next quarter (or year)? How does that affect how you go forward for 2023?

3. Make sure you set SMART goals

Goals have to be measurable and quantifiable if they have any chance of being achieved. That means there's a date, a quantity, or a value attached to them. And a reason WHY you want to achieve them.

e.g. Lose 5kg by end of April 23 so that I can feel better in my wedding dress.

4. Check in with your feelings

How do you feel about your upcoming goals for the year? If you're excited about them then you're on the right track. If not, try to figure out what the feeling is that comes up and how you can change the goal to find a better feeling.

5. How are you going to reward yourself?

Make sure you have tangible rewards attached to each goal you're setting for the year. This gives you some motivation and something to look forward to.

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