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Finding Balance and Regaining Control: Overcoming Social Media Content Creation Burnout

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It's hard to admit this as a burnout and productivity coach, but I have to confess that I've burnt out again. This time, it's from creating content on social media and launching my business online.

Despite leaving the marketing and social media world to help others avoid burnout, I find myself experiencing it once more. While it may not be as extreme as before, I feel apathetic and emotionally exhausted towards social media and the machine it has become.

In this post, I'll share my personal journey and the lessons I've so far with actionable tips.

What I've learned on my content creation and entrepreneurship journey

Overcoming Fear

I pushed myself to overcome my fear of being on camera, even though I still don't enjoy it. If given the choice, I would prefer not to do it again. However, I learned that stepping out of my comfort zone is necessary for personal growth.

Embracing Personal Branding

I conquered my fear of putting myself out there and created my personal brand online. It was a battle, but I realised the importance of sharing my authentic self with the world.

Recreating My Life

Leaving my previous career and starting my coaching business allowed me to recreate the life I desired on my own terms. It was a powerful reminder that we have the ability to shape our own paths.

Battling Burnout

Overcoming burnout is possible, but it's easy to slip back into old habits. Despite the wins and lessons learned, I still struggle with content creation and social media success.

Getting off the Hamster Wheel of Content Creation

As a solopreneur coach, I often feel trapped on a constant hamster wheel of social media content production. Without a team or resources to support the heavy load, it becomes a recipe for burnout. The guilt and pressure to create and post content every day can be overwhelming. The distractions of trending reels and the relentless demands of the algorithm drain my energy.

In this noisy and competitive online world, it's essential to question the pressures imposed upon us to show up in the online world, but also look at our online consumption habits.

Mindful and Strategic Content Creation Tips

  1. Purposeful Creation: Ask yourself why you are creating each piece of content. Is it truly valuable to your audience or just a means to keep up with the content creation frenzy?

  2. Who's Pressurising You?: Evaluate who sets these pressures for you. Are your audience members demanding a constant stream of reels and carousel posts? Or are these expectations self-imposed or driven by comparisons to competitors?

  3. Vanity vs. Value: Reflect on the significance of high follower counts. Are they merely vanity metrics that boost your self-esteem, or do they genuinely contribute to your goals and purpose?

  4. Create Before You Consume: I have found greater clarity and focus to create content first thing in the morning, after I have journaled and had some time in silence. I usually find the ideas come to me when my mind is quiet. If I look at my Instagram before I've become clear on what I want to say, I can kiss content creation goodbye. While I may see some good ideas, I will 99% of the time become distracted and find myself treading mud as I try to find my way back to what it is I have to say and create.

  5. Strategic Approach: Consider how you can be strategic with your messages, time, and content creation. Challenge the notion that you need to feed the algorithm every day and find ways to work smarter, not harder.

Finding Your Own Way Back

Reconnecting with social media requires finding your own path and regaining your energy. Look for moments or individuals that ignite your creativity and rebel spirit.

Embrace your unique qualities and resist conforming to the algorithm or secret formulas for success.

Creating on Your Own Terms

As I continue to explore my own motivation and consistency in content creation, I've realised the importance of doing it on my own terms. I don't want to create content simply because it's trending or others are doing it. I seek a simpler life where I can share what I want, when I want, without the exhausting processes of planning, editing, and filtering.


Overcoming social media content creation burnout requires self-reflection, questioning societal pressures, and finding your own path. Embrace mindful content creation and focus on what truly matters to your audience and personal goals. Remember, success should be defined on your terms, not by the demands of the algorithm or the industry.

Keep creating, connecting, and concentrating on what truly matters.

Here's to your balanced content creation journey and peace of mind.

Request a free consultation

If you're ready to break free from the cycle of burnout and develop a sustainable content creation approach, request a free consultation with me. We'll discuss your specific challenges, goals, and how my marketing coaching services can benefit you.


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