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Helping you design a life you don't want to escape from. 

I work with dynamic but exhausted women to clarify & simplify their busy lives so they don't burn out.


Are you feeling burnt out, overwhelmed or just not happy with where your life is at right now? If so, let's talk. As a burnout, productivity and life design coach, I offer a tailored coaching service to help you become unstuck.

Women are burning out at an alarming rate...

I'm on a mission to help more women break free from the cycle of burnout that keeps them feeling exhausted, distracted and stuck so they find the courage to live a life on their terms.

I am determined to combat the alarming trend of burnout among women by reexamining the systems that confine us and the belief systems that imprison us,  promoting self-care and self-love as a means to find balance and peace.

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Where Do You Sit On The Spectrum Of Burnout?

Recognise the signs and factors that determine if you're nearing or experiencing burnout. Take my 3-minute burnout quiz to gain a deeper understanding of your symptoms and assess your position on the burnout spectrum.


Receive a personalised score and actionable tips to navigate this challenging phase effectively.

Don't underestimate the impact of burnout – take the quiz today.

Take The Quiz Now


My name is Lianne Byrne...

4 years ago I was a burnt-out mother of 3 trying to juggle everything. I felt stuck in suburbia, massively unfulfilled in my career and overwhelmed by the crushing demands of life and a world gone mad with the pandemic. 

My burnout was a gift. And it changed everything.


Now, I'm  living in the Philippines and traveling SE Asia, and world schooling my kids. I coach women to clarify and simplify their busy and overwhelming lives so they don't burnout.


I teach feminine-centred productivity, planning and goal setting to help my clients create the life of their dreams, showing them the vast possibilities and exploring their options.

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Lianne Byrne - The Burnout & Productivity Mentor

Thank you, Lianne, for a truly productive and brilliant coaching session today. I have been spinning in circles trying to get my what, why and how for over a year. You, with ease, mapped out my complex system and created structures and new thinking that I need to shine my brilliance into the world. I am extremely grateful for your super skills and your brilliant mind. I look forward to our next power session! Go well!

Rachel Smith, Transformational Guide & Facilitator

Kind words from clients

How you can work with me

I offer a variety of ways to work with me. Choose one that works for you.


Free Consultation

Curious about what's all involved in coaching and how I work? Let's chat.

Book a free call with me to discuss your specific challenges and requirements .

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Adult ADHD

Increase your confidence, get your productivity under control and work to develop positive habits that support you getting organised. Learn how to work in a way that best suits your beautiful ADHD brain. Let's clear the clutter and get focused. Together.

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Burnout Coaching

Say goodbye to exhaustion and hello to a balanced and reclaimed life. Embark on a transformative journey towards self-care, resilience, and renewed joy. Break free from your burnout.

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The Happy Marketer Small Biz Coaching

Small business/ solopreneur coaching around Branding, marketing, messaging and design. Ideal for coaches and creatives who want to do what they're best at, without the headache of the marketing and tech.

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Purposeful Productivity Coaching

Ditch the hustle, chaos and overwhelm and get focused and fired up. 


Regain control over your life, manage your priorities effectively, and reduce stress along the way.

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Redesign Your Life -
Potent Planning Session

A condensed but super-powerful 2 hour session.  We’ll deep dive into your values, goals and map out the key actions to focus on for the next 3,6 and 12 months. 

Incredibly useful if you’re lacking direction or just feeling super stuck where you are right now.

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