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Women are burning out at an alarming rate...

I'm on a mission to help more women break free from the cycle of burnout that keeps them feeling exhausted, distracted and stuck so they find the courage to live a life on their terms.

I am determined to combat the alarming trend of burnout among women by reexamining the systems that confine us and the belief systems that imprison us,  promoting self-care and self-love as a means to find balance and peace.


Burnout Solutions I Offer

These offerings provide a holistic pathway towards reclaiming your vitality and finding serenity amidst the demands of daily life. More will be introduced soon. 

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7-Day Reclaim Your Inner Knowing Challenge

If you're seeking to tap into your intuition and regain a sense of inner guidance, my intuition challenge offers transformative exercises and techniques to reconnect with your innate wisdom.

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Beat Burnout Coaching

Find sanctuary from burnout. Through transformative coaching, we'll navigate the challenges of your burnout and stress truggers together, exploring the root causes and developing personalised strategies for healing and rejuvenation.

"The sessions with Lianne have shifted so much for me in so many ways. I have had so many sessions with so many coaches over the years but just the way that she frames things has shifted so much for me. Thank you for the way that you frame your coaching and I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of the sessions go."

Hayley Hind

Why are women burning out?

While women have made important gains in the workplace, working women are now significantly more burned out than men. 

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Women's lives are complicated

Patriarchal conditioning, Imposter Syndrome, carrying the invisible load, gender inequality and menopause all contribute to women feeling more exhausted than ever.

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Masculine productivity methods

The world operates from masculine productivity principles - taking action, doing, accomplishing, making things happen, being efficient. That's all well and good for men, but it's not necessarily the best way for women to be. Trying to keep up is exhausting.

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More women are leaving the workforce

1 in 3 women are considering leaving their jobs, or taking a big downshift in their career, or completely leaving the workforce.

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Modern capitalism to blame

Because capitalism values productivity above all else, it often leaves little room for rest and recovery. This can lead to burnout, especially when you are socialised to believe that they must be productive at all times.

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The Sanctuary

Get specific tips  & strategies to deal with burnout.

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Helping you design a life you don't want to escape from.

I empower burnt-out women in midlife to reclaim their inner spark and find their true path, so they can clarify & simplify their busy lives. Say goodbye to overwhelm. Join my sanctuary.

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Ready to reclaim your well-being and find sanctuary in the midst of burnout?


Book your free discovery call with me today. Let's explore how my transformative coaching can help you overcome burnout, prioritize self-care, and rediscover your inner fire.


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