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My Coaching Services

Take control of your life, overcome burnout, enhance your productivity, manage ADHD challenges, and design a life that brings fulfilment and joy.


Explore my 1-to-1 coaching packages tailored to your unique needs and start your journey towards a more balanced, fulfilling, and purpose-driven life today.

My Coaching Packages

By investing in one of my Coaching Packages, you are committing to taking action towards reclaiming your time so you can reach your goals, embrace your dreams and take back your life.

I will hold you accountable for the actions we agree to and keep you on track, being there for you even when you feel it’s really challenging. I am in your corner, rooting for you!


Free Consultation

Curious about what's all involved in coaching and how I work? Let's chat.


Book a free call with me to discuss your specific challenges and requirements .

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Adult ADHD Coaching 

Increase your confidence, get your productivity under control and work to develop positive habits that support you getting organised. Learn how to work in a way that best suits your beautiful ADHD brain. Let's clear the clutter and get focused. Together.

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Burnout Coaching

Say goodbye to exhaustion and hello to a balanced and reclaimed life. Embark on a transformative journey towards self-care, resilience, and renewed joy. Break free from your burnout.

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The Happy Marketer - Small Business Marketing Coaching

Branding, marketing and design coaching for coaches and creatives who want to do what they're best at, without the headache of the marketing and tech.

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Purposeful Productivity

No traditional time management  or ten-thousand to-do's.


Ditch the hustle and overwhelm and get focused and fired up. 

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