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Adult ADHD
Productivity Coaching

in Cape Town

Does your brain feel like a web browser with millions of tabs open at once? For computers this creates system overwhelm, drains memory and energy. Your mind is the same.

The signs of untreated ADHD in adults are many and if not fully understood, this condition could leave you with plummeting confidence and impair your cognitive function.

Let's clear the clutter and get focused. Together.

The benefits of working with me as your ADHD coach

As your ADHD coach and accountability partner, over 4 sessions with me you will:

  • Understand your unique and wonderful ADHD brain better

  • Get more organised and feel better about your To Do list.

  • Learn tips and strategies to help you manage your ADHD for better productivity outcomes.

  • Reduce your overwhelm and sense of hopelessness.

  • Take control of your productivity and reduce your stress load.

  • Understand how you're currently spending your time and how to better manage your time.

  • Procrastinate less.

  • Learn and implement new routines.

  • Create new habits.

  • Rework your weekly schedule for more effectiveness.

  • Be clear about your values so you know what motivates you.

  • Reduce your email, get on top of your finances, meet deadlines, schedule your time better for your business and personal life.

  • Structure a self-care routine that you can use to reduce stress and burnout and raise your confidence.

What you can expect from working with me

By the end of our first session:


  • You'll have clarity on where the issues are

  • You'll learn how to make time for yourself

  • You'll know the actions you can start taking to get more organised and meet an upcoming deadline.

  • You'll know how to communicate your needs to your family and colleagues

  • You'll believe you have the tools to tackle your ADHD and reduce your stress and overwhelm.

Two weeks after our first session:

  • These approaches will feel like second nature

  • You'll find yourself in flow and enjoying how you're managing your time

  • You'll feel lighter, more aligned, more relaxed - no more crazy anxiety and late night sweats worrying about tasks not done.

  • You'll feel like you're finally getting things right!

Advance with ADHD
Productivity Coaching Programme

Get more organised, learn tips and tricks to help you manage your ADHD and reduce your overwhelm and sense of hopelessness.

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What others are saying

"The  sessions with you have shifted so much for me, in so many ways. I have  had so many sessions with various coaches over the years, but through the way that you framed things I've been able to see my year completely  differently. 

- Hayley Hynd

My journey with Adult ADHD

​My son was struggling at school, so I got him assessed by a specialist and it was confirmed that he had ADHD along with Dyslexia and Low Executive Function too.  I discovered these conditions usually work hand in hand together.


As I was working with him to homeschool him, I started seeing that I had similar symptoms and realised I'd had them all my life.


I was then assessed too and diagnosed with ADHD - but the inattentive and distractible type, formerly known as ADD.

After looking back at my own career, I realised that it was something that caused no end of problems with my work and even my family life. It also left my confidence plummeting.


Yet I've found ways to manage the way my brain works, tackled my biggest productivity issues and I'm helping other women too.

I am passionate about talking about and tackling ADHD through the lens of "productivity" because it's important to start destigmatising this condition.

If this resonates with you, let's talk.

Frequently Asked Questions About
Adult ADHD Productivity Coaching

What are some of the signs of untreated ADHD in adulthood?

Untreated ADHD in adulthood can manifest in various ways, and the signs can be different from those in childhood. Here are some common signs of untreated ADHD in adulthood: Difficulty with Focus and Concentration: Adults with untreated ADHD may have trouble staying focused and paying attention to tasks, even when they are important or interesting. Procrastination and Poor Time Management: Individuals with untreated ADHD may struggle with procrastination, poor time management, and difficulty completing tasks on time. Disorganization: Adults with untreated ADHD may have trouble with organization, leading to cluttered spaces, missed appointments, and forgotten deadlines. Impulsivity: Individuals with untreated ADHD may act impulsively, making decisions without considering the consequences, interrupting others, or speaking without thinking. Poor Memory: Adults with untreated ADHD may have difficulty remembering important details, such as names, dates, and appointments. Relationship Problems: Untreated ADHD can strain relationships, as individuals with ADHD may struggle with communication, forgetfulness, and impulsivity. Chronic Stress and Anxiety: Adults with untreated ADHD may experience chronic stress and anxiety due to their struggles with focus, organization, and time management, leading to feelings of overwhelm and frustration. It's essential to note that not everyone with ADHD will experience all of these symptoms, and symptoms can vary in severity. It's crucial to seek professional help if you suspect that you or a loved one has ADHD to receive an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment

Why is it harder to diagnose women with ADHD?

Women have a tendency to exhibit inattentive ADHD making it harder to focus, pay attention to smaller details, plan ahead, stay organised, listen, and remember things. ADHD in women is sadly under diagnosed leading to many challenges that result in burnout, productivity loss and cognitive decline, especially in women who are near peri-menopause and menopause.

What are the benefits of working with an ADHD coach in Cape Town?

Working with an ADHD coach in Cape Town can provide numerous benefits, including: 1. In-depth understanding of 2. ADHD and its symptoms 3. Personalised strategies for managing symptoms, reducing distractions, and increasing productivity 3. Accountability for making progress towards goals and celebrating successes 4. Effective time management and prioritisation skills 5. Improved focus and attention 6. Enhanced organisational skills and efficiency 7. Emotional support and guidance for managing ADHD-related challenges An ADHD coach in Cape Town can help individuals with ADHD reach their full potential by providing education, support, and personalised guidance.

How many sessions will I need with an ADHD coach?

While the number of sessions needed with an ADHD coach can vary depending on individual needs and goals, the ADHD coaching package I offer typically includes 4 sessions. These sessions are tailored around each individual's specific needs and goals, and are designed to provide personalised strategies and support to help manage symptoms and improve productivity. Additional sessions may be added as needed based on the progress made and goals achieved during the initial sessions. It's important to note that every individual's journey with ADHD coaching is unique, and the number of sessions needed may vary depending on the complexity of their symptoms and goals.

How long does it typically take to see results from ADHD coaching?

The amount of time it takes to see results from ADHD coaching can vary depending on individual circumstances, the severity of symptoms, and the specific goals being worked towards. In some cases, individuals may see improvements in their symptoms and productivity within a few sessions, while for others, it may take longer to see significant progress. Typically, ADHD coaching is a process that involves consistent effort and commitment over time to see lasting results. It's important to note that the goal of ADHD coaching is not to eliminate symptoms altogether, but rather to develop effective strategies to manage them and improve overall functioning. While there is no set timeline for seeing results from ADHD coaching, most individuals will begin to see improvements within the first few sessions, as they start to develop new skills and strategies to manage their symptoms. Over time, with consistent effort and support from their coach, individuals can continue to make progress and achieve their goals.

"The biggest challenge for adults with ADHD is often not just managing their symptoms, but managing the negative feelings that come with those symptoms."

- Gina Pera

ADHD Coach in Cape Town

Although my head office is  based in Cape Town, South Africa, I am currently travelling around South East Asia for the time being. However, my coaching calls are all online and I have clients across the globe. I work via Zoom or Google Meet.  I  also offer the option of Whatsapp support as needed between sessions.

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